Roma Gila Romany Music Platform – To Gypsies All Around the World- Dear Family,

We are all going through a very difficult stuation at the moment to do with the Covid-19. We have recently been in Contact with an Romany Organisation based in Bulgaria and there have been many people who sadly have been affected by this horrible disease. So far the number of poeple who died due to Covid-19 is not known- but seeing what is happening the world is definetly an indication that it is only getting worse. Therefore We send all our dear Gypsy Families this message and we ask you all to stay safe!

Us Gypsies we will find it especially difficult to manage with self-isolation due to our custom to always stay with families and be in good communication with them. Unfortunately now the Interaction has to be limited to the absoulue minimum. Its great to hear from so many of you our dear RomaGila subscribers how much you have enjoyed our channel and that it helps you to think about something other than this virus. Soon we will all be able to share together the beautiful talent we have and bring smies to peoples faces with our wonderful culture.

Te Jawen Saste, RomaGila Music Platform